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Trade Tech Launches 90-Second Rate Quote Application for NVOs

BELLEVUE, Washington – This morning Trade Tech Inc, a global supplier of cloud-based solutions for the logistics industry, launched the newest version of their Trade Rates Pricing Suite which has been redesigned to accelerate the quote response time and generate more business for NVOs. The new version of Trade Rates is simple-to-use and produces accurate rate quotes in 90 seconds or less for users around the globe, with an interface so intuitive that no training is required.

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International Trade: A 24/7 Business

Doing business across borders means doing business across time zones, and that can be a challenge for the small business owner whose staff is too small to keep the business open during trading partners' hours of operation. In fact, it's just one aspect of a broader continuum of problems related to time and distance. "Even if a small business involved in international activities were to staff a second and third shift to engage on a 24/7 basis, it would still lack the local language skills and expertise needed to be of value," says Bryn Heimbeck, CEO of Trade Tech, a creator of software solutions for the international logistics industry. "The real challenge is coordinating with local entities around the world for the collection and administration of information relative to that business."

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IFW – Friday Focus by Bryn Heimbeck, CEO of Trade Tech

I’m sure you’ve noticed that everyone is talking about the Cloud these days! Many people in the industry have been asking me why I think international logistics is particularly well situated to benefit significantly from the Cloud.

No other industry is as geographically challenged as ours. International logistics requires many more parties than domestic-oriented companies to work together seamlessly to deliver a single deliverable. Imagine if an assembly line had to stretch across continents or oceans. Yet, in many ways, logistics is the assembly of pivotal information and command sets that represent and create the digital picture of a shipment. Each participant has to hand off key information to the next – all along the line — until the shipment is delivered at destination. This means across time zones, cultures, and languages. In the United States, logistics providers manage business from origin to destination because there are only three time zones, everyone speaks English, and all that is required is to pick up the phone and go to work. International logistics does not work that way.

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