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Shippers Pressed to Prepare for Japan's 24-Hour Rule

Port of Tokyo

Shippers of containerized cargo to Japan, be forewarned: the Japanese version of the U.S. 24-hour advanced manifest rule, first implemented following the 9-11 attacks, will soon be going into effect. This means that after March 8, 2014, shipments that don’t contain the needed information in shipping instructions will be rejected for loading by customs authorities.

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Countdown to Implementation of the Japan Advanced Filing Requirement

By Patrick Burnson, Executive Editor
December 03, 2013

Japan’s 24 Hour Rule, the Advanced Filing Requirement (AFR), goes into effect on March 1, 2014 and the penalty phase will apply just 10 days later on March 10, 2014.  This doesn’t leave much time for those who have not already begun the process of selecting a service provider and begun the process of developing internal procedures and training programs.

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Cargo Security to Data Standardization?

American Shipper / Shipers' IT / By Eric Johnson

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First AMS/24 Hour Rule. Now AFR/JP24 Rule. Prepared?

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Trade Tech and NACCS Successfully Complete Phase 1 Testing of Compliance Solution for Japan's 24-Hour Rule

Trade Tech’s solution for Japan’s Advanced Filing Rule (AFR) will be available for implementation by carriers and NVOs in early November, months ahead of JP24’s effective date

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Trade Tech opens Tokyo office

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

By Eric Johnson
American Shipper

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More on Intra-Asia Trade Compliance

By Patrick Burnson, Executive Editor
October 01, 2013
Editor’s Note: Trade Tech chief executive officer Bryn Heimbeck gave SCMR readers a look at Japan’s new advanced filing requirements that come into effect early next year with Part I of his analysis published yesterday. Here is Part II.

Supply chain management review

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U.S. Supply Chain Managers Must Get Up to Speed on Intra-Asia Trade Next Year

By Patrick Burnson, Executive Editor

September 30, 2013

Editor’s Note: This is the first of a two-part analysis of trade challenges looming in 2014. 


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Global Freight Forwarders: How to stay ahead in global trade

With new, complex regulatory obstacles on the horizon, our panel says that improving relationships with intermediaries should be a top priority for global shippers heading into 2014. Want to stay ahead of the game? It’s time to listen up.

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About eManifest: A message from the Canadian Border Sevices Agency

On June 9, 2013, the CBSA will deploy electronic systems that allow freight forwarders in all modes of transportation to transmit advance house bill data to CBSA.  

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