USA Export Manifest Filing Requirement via ACE

Dear Valued Customer:

Please be advised that the United States Customs & Border Protection (CBP), in consultation with other U.S. government agencies, has announced a new manifest filing requirement for U.S.A. exports. 

All security filing types are being consolidated through the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE).  An export manifest filing requirement will replace the current AES EEI filing.  Testing is expected to begin in March 2015 for Ocean with mandatory implementation slated for May 2015. 

From Trade Tech’s perspective, the good news is that Export AMS is patterned on the filings requirements for AMS and ISF.  While there will be some differences, the core should be right in line with AMS / ISF.  As a result, Trade Tech is not anticipating major changes to our core security filing engine. 

The ACE environment is managed by US CBP.  Through ACE, forty-eight (48) participating government agencies will share information from any security filings and from ABI clearance files themselves.  Most agencies have “view only” capability, while some will maintain their current “hold” capabilities.  Moving all of these agencies to the ACE environment is a significant step toward the Single-Window to government initiative and added automation.
Trade Tech, one of the largest third-party providers of security filing services, was an earlier adopter of the ACE environment for its filings, signing on to ACE a full six months before it was mandatory.  The ACE environment operates on a modern, cloud-based software platform that helps to streamline the otherwise paper-heavy practices of the import and export processes.

Once rolled out, export AMS will allow Trade Tech’s full-service software customers and security-filing-only customers to accomplish the required export filing seamlessly with the data maintained in Trade Tech and within the prescribed time frames.  Submissions will go electronically from Trade Tech to ACE, and responses and statuses will always be returned electronically.  Trade Tech customers will always have full visibility of their security filing status via the Trade Tech cloud-based application.   

In the months ahead, we will keep you advised of our progress in testing and rolling out the export AMS filing.  Should you require additional information, please reach out to any Trade Tech office or to your local Trade Tech representative. 

Thank you for your continued support of Trade Tech.


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